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Welcome to the Reading Support Lab!

Wolfe City ISD is committed to meeting the needs of children identified as  needing educational assistance in reading based on the criteria the school has chosen. The Reading Support Program will provide your child with extra reading assistance beyond the regular class.   Our program offers: smaller classes, a variety of teaching materials and methods, individualized programs based on diagnostic assessments, extra time to teach needed skills for success in school and on-going progress monitoring.

Parents are encouraged to communicate with the teacher regularly, supervise home reading, and serve as a role model showing support of their child’s education.


Reading Support Goals & Objectives:

Kindergarten & 1st grade: The students will work to learn   phonics and sight words, build comprehension, and gain the skills and confidence needed to learn to read independently.

2nd grade: Students will work to become fluent, independent readers. My goal is for your child to make noticeable gains in phonics, word-attack skills, fluency, and comprehension while developing confidence and a love of reading.

3rd grade: The students will work to develop the comprehension, fluency and long-word decoding skills  needed to read longer passages of text with ease.

4-5th grade: The students will work to make substantial gains in comprehension, long-word decoding skills, fluency, and reading speed.





Make sure your child sees you reading. You are your child’s first and most influential teacher. Choose a special time and place to read aloud to your child every day. Listen to your child read to you for at least 20 minutes every day. Make sure your child understands what is being read. Ask questions before, during and after reading to check   comprehension and ability to retell what they have read.