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Wolfe City ISD Participates in U.S. National Reading Competition Learning Ally’s 2018 Great Reading Games
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Wolfe City ISD participated in the Great Reading Games, a national reading competition hosted by Learning Ally, an ed-tech nonprofit.

74 students at Wolfe City ISD competed against 22,000 students from 1,210 U.S. schools and districts to achieve this prestigious recognition.

Wolfe City Elementary School ranked 69 out of 215  schools in their category with 10,513 pages read in 8,659 minutes.

Wolfe City Middle School ranked 157 out of 215 schools in their category with 4, 333 pages read in 4,369 minutes.

Wolfe City High School ranked 427 out of 665 with 445 pages being read in 653 minutes.

#GRG18  Seven Week Race total for all of the students was 15,291 pages read in 13,681 minutes in Wolfe City, Texas.

This year, students read more than 7 million pages nationally in just seven weeks! Mrs. Cathy Samples could not be prouder of the students involved in this year’s games.  The Great Reading Games Leaderboard was posted and updated often. Even our non-Learning Ally classmates were cheering us forward. The “Read Off” race was very close between Trey Jones with 1,382 pages read and Riley Crump with 1,213 pages read. We had friendly competition until 10 p.m. on the last night between Jones and Crump. “All my classes have raised the bar for next year’s competition. Wolfe City will be a name to remember on the Great Reading Games Leaderboard for 2019.” said Samples.

The Great Reading Games is Learning Ally’s signature reading engagement competition. It is uniquely designed to motivate K-12 struggling and non-readers, such as those with dyslexia or a visual impairment to read for more than 20 minutes each day. As students read and learn through human-read audiobooks, they get excited about reading and begin to improve their reading comprehension, fluency, critical thinking and vocabulary skills to become more confident learners.

Students who compete in the Great Reading Games are three times more likely to excel in reading frequency and 300% more likely to achieve levels of success that ties directly into their academic, emotional, and social behavior.

Terrie Noland, Learning Ally’s National Director of Educator Engagement, said, “We are so proud of Cathy Samples, Dyslexia Specialist at Wolfe City ISD for her outstanding participation. As an innovative school leader, she demonstrates the effectiveness of using accessible books to transform the reading level of struggling readers so that more will reach their potential and thrive in their studies and in life.”

Noland adds that students who participate in the Great Reading Games are typically not at the top of their class or in the front of the line to sign up for book club. “This program is uniquely designed to support more schools and teachers’ efforts to build a positive culture of readers in their school environment. Our aim is for more students to enjoy the reading and learning process. We want them to know that they can access and comprehend grade-level books and succeed in whatever they want to accomplish.”

Learning Ally designed the Great Reading Games based on the best practices in education gamification to make reading fun and motivating for students.

Students can easily download audiobooks directly to their tablets, computers, smartphones, Chromebooks and other devices and read daily for 20 minutes in school or on the go, even without Internet access.

“I want to be the first to congratulate our school and students for this reading achievement,” said Brent Fitzgerald, Principal at Wolfe City ISD. “Through access to Learning Ally’s audiobooks and quality reading accommodation, our school can offer more opportunities to struggling readers to read and achieve on grade-level with greater learning confidence.”he added.

The Great Reading Games national event wrapped up on March 2, 2018 during Read Across America Day with a webinar by Aidan Colvin, youth author of the book, “Looking for Heroes.” Aidan shared his educational journey and the wisdom he received from of 100 famous people with dyslexia to inspire and educate others on how students can learn and succeed in different ways.


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