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WC Elementary is First in Math!
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Wednesday, March 01, 2017
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Wolfe City Elementary was fortunate to have the First In Math Online Program donated to each Kindergartner through Fifth grader until July.  First In Math is a curriculum supplement that gives students the fundamental skills they need to achieve their academic goals. It delivers fluency in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, while advancing higher-order thinking skills such as mental math, problem solving, pattern sensing, reasoning and number sense through Deep Practice.  It is TEKS based and works to enhance math skills in a fun and competitive way. In just a few weeks, our students have earned over 50,000 stickers and have solved over 152,000 math problems.  We are rewarding students by displaying their names in the hallway as they move through the level system.   It has been rewarding to see students exhibit such excitement about working math problems.  It also offers parents a way to participate in their child's education. The support of parents is an essential component of the education process. With a FIM login, parents have access to actual curriculum-based content, facilitating the connection between home and school. With First In Math® Family Link, students earn an extra User ID/Password to share with a parent or sibling when they reach FIM SCHOLAR status (500 stickers). This Family Link User ID will automatically appear on the student Homepage. Family Link players can play games, earn stickers, and have full access to site content 24/7. They automatically become part of the exciting, friendly FIM competition and can check their achievement status.  

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