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Allen, Courtney Secretary
Fitzgerald, Brent Principal

Allen, Regina Special Education Resource
Anderson, Angi Reading Interventionist
Cox, Amy 1st Grade
Crump, Kimberly 3rd Grade
Davis, Christina 4th Grade
Day, Michelle 4th Grade
Duncan, Sharon Computer Lab / Gifted and Talented
Ferguson, Sheila 3rd Grade
Fitzgerald, Brent Principal
Fore, Elaine Speech
Garner, Melia 2nd Grade
Giles, Gina 1st Grade
Hearn, Kelly 2nd Grade
Jones, Randi Pre-Kindergarten
Lemieux, Victor IT Specialist
Myrick, Liz 2nd Grade
Northcutt, Marsha Special Education Life Skills
Oliver, Molly 5th Grade
Orum, Cathy Math Interventionist
Pickerill, Bonnie Kindergarten
Puentes, Kristina 1st Grade
Reyes, Selena 4th Grade
Richardson, Lindsay 3rd Grade
Ruch, Elizabth Music
Samples, Cathy Dyslexia
Sinquefield, Valerie Pre-Kindergarten
Stewart, Shannon Kindergarten
Thacker, Kimberly Kindergarten
Willis, Mandy Physical Education
Wilson, Lisa 5th Grade
Woolsey, Stacy 5th Grade

Adams, Lindsey Paraprofessional Aide
Grandfield, Kristi Paraprofessional Aide
Humphries, Cynthia Paraprofessional Aide
Humphries, Madison Paraprofessional Aide
Page, Patricia Paraprofessional Aide
Stailey, Randy Paraprofessional Aide
Tarpley, Margaree Library Paraprofessional
Thomas, Barbara Paraprofessional Aide

Gavlick, Dona Counselor
Johnson, Kimberly Nurse
Lemieux, Victor IT Specialist